Your Beliefs and Dating

I’ve been a player for over 4 years, and the single element that made all the difference in the world in dating was my beliefs. It was when I believed I was good with women, I got good with women

Beliefs are one of the most important concepts you need to understand in order to date really hot women.

I’m going to talk about the key to dating and it’s beliefs. You must have the right beliefs in place before (or during) you start “gaming” girls. Your beliefs are the foundations of which you are going to be building “frames” around the girl. So, it is both a psychological and a tactical element to dating women.

Here’s the simple truth about a belief: A Belief Is Only A Focus Of Attention.

That’s it. Think about it: The belief in yourself as super successful with hot girls is merely a focus of attention.

Your entire “being” is based on your beliefs about you. No one but “you” has ever agreed about the things you believe about yourself — except you. Yes, people of authority in your life told you things about you, but you chose to believe it.

If you have strong negative beliefs, it will externally be reflected through you’re attitude, body language, and voice tone.

Internal and External Beliefs

A Belief has an internal and an external mental component. Your belief mentally, that is, inner psychology, projects out to the women you date or ask for a date (external states). External states affect the girls you date through confidence, body language, and voice tone.

In a way, beliefs are fused with frames upon frames that fuel your meta-frame. You need to understand this. (A “frame” is the meaning of the interaction that you are having with the girl you are dating. Your frame should be that she is after you: you are deciding if YOU like her.)

That’s why I’m saying that the internal states will dictate the external subcommunication you give off to the world all the time.

If you get the internal states mastered and you use the tactical strategies regarding opening, manufacturing attraction, connection, and seduction, in addition to creating a cool life style, you are going to be masterful at having beautiful girls waltzing into your life!

(You ever think about how “Bad” you are with girls after a night of gaming girls at at club or bar? Think about it in the negative fuels the very reason girls won’t like you or find you attractive. You are internalizing the very belief that is counter to your cause of being successful with dating girls.)

That’s because your beliefs about yourself and about your ability to attract and date women is dependent on your beliefs.

Internalize this. This is important: Whatever you believe, with feeling, even if it’s contrary to fact, will become your reality.

Your mind has a tendency to only focus on one thing at a time. If you have a belief, whether it is a positive or negative, then you will start to see evidence in your life that will re-enforce those beliefs. In other words, your mind filters out information that contradicts a belief.

It’s really fascinating and almost bizarre, but simple and true-hence your internal beliefs actually control your reality.

Let me give you an example you can understand.

Last year, I bought a Nissan Altima. Before that I had a convertible roadster. Well, my old car, the convertible, I had seen other models of my same car everywhere, on the road. I saw them at the signal, on the freeway, in the parking lot. I saw them everywhere. I knew the model year of that car just from looking at the rims or paint job.

During that time, I never really focused on Altimas.

Well, guess what happened when I started to drive my new Altima? Yes, you guessed it. I saw them everywhere. That’s what I mean when I say that a human mind can focus on one thing. This is the same phenomenon that occurs when you have a belief.

The crucial point here is that a belief will give you your reality whether it’s true or not.

So, the key here is in you. You decide what to believe in your life. So, whatever belief you have about your ability with women, young or old, you have picked up sometime in your past and you have filtered and found evidence throughout your life to make it true This has helped you form your current beliefs.



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