How to Clean Your Ice Cube Maker

Regular cleaning practice is essential for any ice cube maker for hygienic reasons. Mildew, bacteria, and mold may form if you do not clean up the mess in the machine. Habitual cleaning may give you ice with a good smell, as the ice cubes you prepare, usually soak up the smells of your home ice maker ice cube machine.

Apart from the sanitary issues, you need to clean the ice maker frequently, to reduce the operating costs and to extend the life of the ice maker machine. If the condenser in the machine is dirty, it may restrict airflow and result in the requirement of increased operating temperatures. It reduces the production of ice and also shortens the component life. Hence, ensure to clean the condensers, twice a year.

Once you start the cleaning procedure, disconnect the electricity supply of the machine, and if it is a remote condenser, switch off the service switch. Take away the ice tray and wash it with soapy and warm water. Rinse it properly and dry it completely. When you clean the condenser, remember that the fins are pointed and you have to be careful in handling it.

The exterior part of the condenser and the bottom of the remote condenser should be cleaned properly. You can use a tender brush or vacuum with the brush attachment to completely clean it. See to it that you do not bend the fins of the condenser.

Usually, the cleanable aluminum filter present on a self-contained ice-making gadget is created to filter the dust, lint, dirt, and grease and helps to keep clean the process of ice-making. Regular cleansing of it with water and a mild soap solution may give a better quality of ice produced by having more crystal clear ice.

When you buy the ice maker machine, ask about the cleaning instructions from the company that installs it or use the manual directions given in the booklet for the models you buy. Usually, most companies recommend having frequent cleaning, to remove any settlement of calcium, due to the usage of hard water. During the first clean, you may ask the customer care department of the ice makers company to do the cleaning and you can learn the process from them.



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