Fantasy Football Information: Fans May Have New Star

Fantasy Football Fans will want to remember the name Deion Branch. When preparing for your fantasy football drafts this summer, don’t let the New England receiver slip too far in your ratings or in your round-by-round projections betting statistics.

He is a star in the making.

Branch’s 35 catches and four touchdowns in 2004 may make him barely visible on many people’s radar screens. Others may look for him to slip into the lower rounds, because of these modest numbers. Don’t make this mistake.

Only the most astute talent evaluators will remember that Branch missed seven games. Even they, however, will remember his stellar performance in the Super Bowl, which earned him MVP honors. He tied a Super Bowl record with 11 catches for 133 yards. More impressive were his circus-style catches.

Branch is small but quick, as evidenced by his 13-yard-per-catch career average. This was just his third year in the league, and he is certainly a star on the rise.

If you have 12–16 teams in your league, look to nab Branch in the seventh or eighth round. He will be a steal here, but if you wait longer, you may let an amazing sleeper get away. Branch is just the type of player that the men in my novel, The League, look to steal in their drafts.



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